foodstuffs, cosmetics and disinfections,act 54 of 1972

consumer may be mislead into buying products that claim to be healthy or contain properties which may aid diabetics. some of these claims are not true and consumers are not educated or ignorant of such. this is where this act comes in.


The purpose of this act is protect the right of consumer to safe and healthy food. also to protect them from misleading statements and falsifying of food products. to give enough information to consumers about what blended or compound foods consist of.

Aspects regulated by the act

  • preservatives and anti-oxidants in foodstuffs;
  • maximum limit for pesticide residues that foostuffs may contain;
  • colourants in foostuffs;
  • labeling and advertising, etc.

why is it important?

south africa has an uncontrollable population growth that puts pressure on available agricultural ground , this has seen increase in agricultural pests and their immunity against pesticides with constant droughts.

urbanisation makes it difficult for evryone to have their own garden , this forces us to use preservetive methods wich must be controlled.

in the exporting and importing of food products of which south africa must take regulations the importing country into account.

this act should give consumers the knowledge they need to tell if a claim is untrue or just to good to be true. they can now be able to make informed decision and know exactly what they are buying.


culinary terms

we all enjoy  trying out new recipes but the use of certain culinary terms can affect our undesrstanding of the recipe. i have now compiled a list of culinary terms to help you understand better what is mean’t in the method used.



1. Finger food served before the meal to whet the appetite; the term is often used synonymously with the term hors d’ oeuvre.
2. The first course of a meal, usually small portions of hot or cold foods intended to whet the appetite; also know as a starter.


bain marie

1. A hot water bath used to cook foods gently or to keep cooked foods hot; also known as a water bath.
2. A container for holding foods in a hot water bath.


bake blind

A technique for baking an unfilled pastry or tart shell; the shaped dough is weighted down with dry beans or pie weights, then baked completely before being filled.



Tying thin slices of fat, such as bacon or pork fatback, over meats or poultry that have little to no natural fat covering in order to protect and moisten them during roasting.


Moistening foods during cooking (usually roasting, broiling or grilling) with melted fat, pan drippings, a sauce or other liquids to prevent drying and to add flavor.

i hope these definitions will help you understand better and make testing recipe a whole lot of fun.

storage tips for strawberries

Fresh Storage: To keep strawberries in peak condition and retard molding, do not wash them until ready to use. Transfer berries from small containers to trays or cake pans where berries areless crowded. Bruised or water logged berries will mold more quickly. Discard any moldyberries.

Refrigerate berries and loosely cover with paper or cloth towels. Freezer Storage: Air tight packaging and zero or below freezer temperatures are the keys to maintaining best quality frozen berries. Wash dirt from berries and dry thoroughly before freezing. (Spreading them out on a towel in front of a fan works well.)

Avoid freezing too many berries at one time, as home freezers are not designed to freeze large quantities efficiently. Quality suffers when food freezes slowly. (Commercial flash freezers operate at 40 – 60 degrees below zero!)

Tray Freezing: place whole berries on a tray and freeze solid. Transfer to airtight freezer bags or containers. Squeeze out excess air.

Sugar Pack: Sugar helps maintain the color and texture of frozen strawberries. Slice or crush, depending on how you want to use them later. Add sugar to taste and let stand until almost dissolved. Roll whole strawberries in sugar before freezing. Allow headspace if you are packing in syrup. Liquids expand when frozen. Package and freeze.

remember it’s if not bright red with bright green stems, it’s not right.

cape town restaurants”exclusivity”

cape town resturants not only focus on south african cuisine but the rest of the world, the dish you would find are inspired by malyan cooking, italian and french cuisine. when residents are asked about the distinctive south african food all jump and say biltong and some screame out springbok.

even though cape town is widely spread the resturants are all confide in the city bowl,  they sell vegetable,meat and fish which is mostly familiar to most south africans but not to the americans and europeans.

ginga, a resturant with narrow entrance  into the resturant with walls whicher are redder than red, it seemed asian but contrary to this the overuse of chocolate was the order of the day here. it served a mixture of coffee and chocolate which was drizzled on top of the bresaola as an appertizer.

the cooking of the loin of lamb is impressive as it is cooked to tender perfection, the lamb is marinated in a rosemary syrup and paired with a creamy peanut sauce and chili oil.

savoy cabbage, a european approach is instilled in the resturant. it boast some of the most finest dishes like the appetizer salad of beets also include madumbi, which is an african potato but with a less starchy texture .

the pecan crust rack of lamb which graze in greener land which most american and european, it also has a  more mellow flavour is mostly used as kind of suoth african lamb. while desserts break the pack of some ordinary resturants in cape town with it’s fantastic passion fruit tart and an even better butterscotch panna cotta.

ginja, 121 castle street, 021 426 2368

savoy cabbage,101 hout street, 021 424 2626



pick n pay taste of cape town

Pick n Pay Taste of Cape Town, in association with Orbit Sugarfree Chewing Gum, is celebrating its 5th anniversary this year!

The Mother City’s culinary event of the year, Pick n Pay Taste of Cape Town returns to the beautiful surrounds of Green Point Cricket Club from 19-22 April 2012.

This unique festival will once again bring together the city’s most acclaimed restaurants and carefully selected exhibitors to attract Cape Town’s most dedicated and sophisticated foodies.

 Fourteen of Cape Town’s top restaurants and chefs will be serving a stunning selection of sample-sized signature dishes to Taste of Cape Town visitors. If you love eating out, this is an opportunity too good to miss.

Over four days,Taste of Cape Town brings together the city’s finest restaurants, award-winning wineries, premium drink brands, artisan producers, boutique exhibitors and fantastic entertainment.

If you want in on the juicy action, book now because tickets are limited!

For more information, contact:

Contact person/organisation details:  For more info and to book tickets, visit

jimmys killer prawns

as part of me previewing resturants who are making a prominent name for them selves in the food industry. one resturants name had to be there. jimms killer prawns in no look over when talking about seafood resturants that are making a wave.

Jimmy studied marketing and his early working years were spent in the engineering industry.
He was first exposed to the operational side of the restaurant industry when he was asked to help out a family member who had an interest in a problem restaurant. When the problems were resolved and he returned to the engineering industry he realized his true passion lay in serving people and making them happy.

He opened three successful restaurants prior to the first Jimmy’s Killer Prawns which was literally “Born from a dream”.

The old mining house where the first Jimmy’s Killer Prawns was run from had previously been the site of a failed restaurant. When he was offered the site he and his wife Penny fell in love with it and signed for it without knowing what they would do with it.

One night Jimmy had a dream about a Sunday lunch he had, with a group of his friends, in Lourenco Marques (now Maputo). A group of about 20 of them sat on a long table drinking lots of “Gatao” wine and “Laurentina beer”. In his dream Jimmy had a birdseye view of the table from above. When the waiters brought out four huge platters of prawns and placed them in the centre of the table for all to share, as if through a camera lens, he zoomed in on a platter of these prawns and woke up. He then knew that prawns were the product he needed to focus on in the new restaurant.

Jimmy developed a passion for quality seafood, especially prawns and this together with his passion for serving people and making them happy is what has turned Jimmy and Jimmy’s Killer Prawns into a legend.

baking tips

baking is a lot of fun when you are entirely sure of what u doing, here is some few tips to help you get with baking with such ease you shouldn’t need to stumble but reather make it a nice and funfilled time.

baking pans

  • Don’t crowd the oven. The pans should never touch each other or the sides of the oven, or be placed over or under each other on the racks.  
  • Grease pans using a piece of paper towel, rub a small amount of shortening, butter or margarine evenly over the bottom and on sides of pans, if directed. A small amount of pan spray may be used and spread over the pan, also using the paper towel technique.  
  • Prevent sharp edges on muffins, bar cookies or quick breads by greasing the muffin cups or pans only on the bottom and halfway up the sides so the batter is higher than the greaseline. This is one time you might not want to use a pan spray.  


  • Let bread dough rise (ferment) at 80°F, covered. If placed in the refrigerator, be sure to punch it down within the first 45 minutes to 1 hour.  


  • Do not use spreads to replace butter, margarine or shortening one for one in a recipe. Spreads contain less fat and more water, so they will not perform like butter or margarine.  

 crown sugar

  • In a pinch, you can make your own brown sugar.  Cream with a spoon or mix with a fork 1 cup granulated sugar and 1-2 Tablespoons molasses until the sugar can be packed in a cup and measured like brown sugar.

cleaning up

  • Hand-washing how-to: Anyone who cooks, caterers, home bakers or restaurant professionals, should incorporate the following hand-washing steps to prevent the spread of germs and disease:
    • Always wash hands before making or eating food.
    • Use warm water and soap. Lather all over hands and wrists.
    • Scrub the front and back of hands and between fingers and fingernails, too.
    • Wash hands for at least 20 seconds.
    • Rinse under running water, rubbing hands.
    • Dry with a clean towel.

corn syrup

Corn syrup has wonderful properties for cooking and baking.  It is best to use recipes specifically developed for corn syrup, rather than simply exchanging corn syrup with sugar, honey, molasses or sorghum in a baking recipe.
Light, dark and Lite corn syrups for home bakers have the following functions:

  • controls sugar crystallization in candy, caramel rolls, pie fillings
  • prevents the formation of ice crystals in frozen desserts
  • enhances fresh fruit flavor in jams and preserves
  • brushed onto baked ham, barbecued meats, baked vegetables or fresh fruit, it is an ideal glaze.
  • In baked goods corn syrup holds moisture and maintains freshness longer
  • Imparts a chewiness to bars and cookies
  • Karo light and dark corn syrups perform similarly in recipes and can usually be used interchangeably. Recipes usually specify which type to use but the choice may be guided by personal preference.    More guidance at

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